We offer a comprehensive range of commercial roofing solutions tailored for your needs.



Roof Replacement

This option includes the complete tear off and installation of a new roofing system. We work directly with clients or consultants to develop a scope of work for a full roof replacement when the useful roof life is near its end, or the intent of the roof deck is going to change (i.e. PV systems, etc.).

Roof Recovery

A roof recovery includes installing a roof over an existing roof. A total tear-off may not be necessary if the substrate is in good condition. In many cases, we have installed a new roof over an existing roof, reducing waste and labor hours required.

Roof Renewal

A roof renewal is fairly common for existing coated roof systems. An owner may want to extend the life of the roof and if the substrate is in good condition, another fluid applied roofing system can renew the expiring roof warranty.

Roof Rehabilitation

A roof rehabilitation typically includes fixing up the existing roof to perform and function as new – basically major roof repairs to get the current roof system to “like new” condition. This includes identifying and repairing major deficiencies before a costly replacement is needed.

New Construction

We work hand in hand with general contractors or directly with the clients for the roof installation on new construction projects.



Above Grade Waterproofing

Some recent projects for above grade waterproofing include

  • Paradise Beverages (Wailuku, Maui)
  • Fairmont Kea Lani (Wailea, Maui)
  • Hilton Waikoloa (Hilo, Big Island)
  • Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center
  • Embassy Suites
  • 1717 Ala Wai
  • Moanalua Hillside Terrace

Below Grade Waterproofing

Some recent projects for below grade waterproofing include

  • Heald College
  • Princeville
  • Punahou
  • Honolulu Tower
  • Koolani
  • 1717 Ala Wai
  • Koloa Landing

Roof Maintenance Plan

a roof worker


Preventative Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is the most effective way to maximize your roof life. Minor issues should be addressed promptly and effectively to avoid more costly repairs.

Leak Repairs

Regular roof maintenance is the most effective way to maximize your roof life. Minor issues should be addressed promptly and effectively to avoid more costly repairs.

Forensic Investigations / Leak Detection

We offer a variety of moisture and leak detection services that can aid in identifying leak sources and moisture infiltration into the roof deck. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Accumulation of debris over time, can reduce the solar panel output. Regular cleaning can help maximize your systems productivity.


Roofs are constantly under attack by weather, structural movement, roof access and other stresses. While normal “aging” occurs on all roofs, small problems – if not addressed – can turn into costly repairs or premature roof failure. Rooftops require systematic care to uphold integrity, roof warranties and to proactively prevent premature roof failure.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Prevent Premature Roof Failure

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Uphold Roof Warranty

vegetation on a roof

What causes premature roof failure ?

  • Forgetting about roof maintenance (main reason!)
  • Exposure to the elements (sun, rain, wind etc)
  • Structural movement, building expansion/contraction
  • Vegetation growth on the roof, drains, etc.
  • Trade damage like punctures caused by trades on the roof
  • Extreme weather that overflows drains
  • Not fixing problems in a timely manner
  • Change in use of the building

Gutters & downspouts

Drains & scuppers

Metal flashing

Lead jack pipe & sealant Bubbling

Debris accumulation

Coating deterioration


Ponding water

Rusting metal roofs

Punctures, tears

Open laps

Missing shingles

Dried out roof areas

Sealant deterioration

Plant growth

Cracked, missing tiles

Pitch pockets


Algae Growth

Semi-Annual Inspection

Documents current roof condition, identifies emergency and remedial deficiencies along with recommendations.

Comprehensive Report

Each inspection is captured in a comprehensive inspection report with photos of deficiencies, prioritized recommedations and ballpark figures.

10% Discount On All Repairs

Receive a 10% discount on all repairs for projects that are on a maintenance program.  

Warranty Requirement

Most manufacturers warranties require that your roof is inspected once or twice per year by a manufacturer licensed applicator. Failure to do so as well as keeping documentation can void your warranty. 

Surface Check

We notate roof wear or obvious issues which compromise and damage a roof system. Loose metal trim, membrane and roof top unit parts can be identified early, as well as discharges from roof equipment not properly captured. 

Budget & Plan Ahead

Our reports allow property managers to act promptly as resources allow. Addressing emergency deficiencies buys some time, allowing the property to build up reserves towards capital re-roofing projects.



Our proactive roof maintenance programs will help you extend the life of your roof, preventing premature roof failure – and saving you more in the long run

Online Portal Access

Inspection reports are available online for easy access to historial data anytime. Clients who manage multiple properties can revisit the roof condition and recommenations for warranty support or future planning of repairs.

Peace of Mind

Our roof maintenance programs and periodic inspections of your roof help manage and mitigate issues. Manage it – before it manages you!

It is recommended to have your roof inspected and maintained annually to maximize roof life and avoid premature roof failures.

Leak Repairs & Emergency Response

Leak fixing

Commercial Roof Repairs

Our team is experienced in all types of roof repairs for commercial buildings. Most manufacturers require a written notification from the owner ASAP to start the process on a warranty repair. Give us a call if you are unsure about the status of your existing roof warranty.

Leak Response

(808) 748-8423 anytime. We make it our mission to keep your buildings dry and operative.

Forensic Investigations

destructive testing

Destructive Testing

Destructive testing involves taking a core (test cut) sample of the existing roof system. Extracted test cuts are used to determine the construction and moisture content of the existing roofing system. 

Water test

Water or Flood Testing

During a leak investigation, water tests are commonly used to test the roof with controlled water sources to find the location of the leak source. 

Roof Inspection

Visual Inspection

A professional roof technician performs an inspection of the entire roof system including the top membrane, flashings, metal edges, wall copings, gutters and any problem areas you have.

Laser Survey

Laser Survey

Laser surveys may be conducted to assess the slope of the roof to aid in identifying what may be causing the existing ponding conditions

Electronic leak detection

Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) provides a way to identify and pinpoint a leak or breach in the waterproof membrane. The ability to identify a leak and where the leak is originating before the overburden or re-roof can save thousands of dollars in damage prevention and construction costs.

Infrared test

Infrared Moisture Survey

Infrared moisture surveys provide a way to identify specific areas of wet insulation and moisture that is present in the existing roof system. A leak into a waterproof membrane often enters into the roof system and saturates the insulation and underlying layers. 

Capacitance Testing

Capacitance Testing

Electric capacitance testing is used to determine if a specific roof area is wet or dry. These are commonly used on leak investigations for small isolated areas. Limitations include EPDM and aluminum coated roofs. Deck scanners can be utilized for larger projects.

Disclaimer: Commercial Roofing will perform inspections and services with a degree of care and skill acceptable by industry standards, but will not be held responsible for unforeseen conditions that may be inaccessible or concealed. Commercial Roofing assumes no liability for unreported defects or deficiencies, either current or arising in the future. Inspection of the property and the report does not guarantee or warranty, express or implied, the future use or condition, operability, habitability, or suitability of the building or its components. These inspections are not a substitute for real estate transfer disclosures required by law.


Gutters & Downspout Maintenance

Raingutter Maintenance
Installation, Repairs & Replacement for gutters, downspouts and drainage.

We service commercial buildings as well as AOAO/HOA/Condos. Save more by replacing your gutters at the same time as your roof.

Custom & Seamless Raingutters & downspouts

We install all types of gutters including copper, galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel and custom projects.  


Solar Panel Cleaning & Roof Inspections

Solar Panels
Solar Panel Cleaning

Annual cleaning is recommended for maximum efficiency of your panels. Build up of debris, dirt, salt and bird droppings over time can reduce the energy production of your panels.

Roof Cleaning & Inspection

Roof cleaning is recommended on an annual basis depenant on location to keep the roof sytem in good condition and inspected for any deficiencies that may not be obvious due to the PV panels installed over the deck. 

Solar Panel/Roof Interface Inspection

Inspection of the PV panel standoff interface into the roofing membrane to identify voids or leaks that could allow moisture to enter the membrane and damage the roofing system below.