Roofing & Waterproofing

We cover the full spectrum of the roofing and waterproofing industry.  Whether in calm or during catastrophic periods of hurricane disasters, we have installed every type of system from the purely functional to systems that are also highly visible and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Single Plies: PVC, PIB, EPDM, CSPE, TPO, Hypalon;
  • Clay and concrete tile, asphalt shingles, copper shingles, shakes;
  • Modified bitumen: APP, SBS;
  • Specialty coatings: urethane pedestrian and auto deck, acrylic elastomeric;
  • Waterproofing (below & above grade): Bentonite, sheet membrane, hot rubber;
  • Metal roofing: standing seam and multi-rib sheet exposed fastener systems;
  • Specialty retrofit coating for metal roofing.
  • Value / Performance-based solutions
  • Waterproof coatings
  • Acrylic elastomeric for metal roofs
  • New construction & retrofitting
  • Certified NDL applicator for most manufacturers
  • Tile, clay and concrete tile, asphalt shingles, shakes