Forensic Services

  • Nuclear moisture roof surveys: analysis report, contour maps showing “point of origin” of moisture infiltration, not “where is it leaking”. (Back up data by capacitance and thermograph instruments.)
  • Drawings are on AUTOCAD for government and institutional required formats & colors.
  • Projected fiscal cost calculation and remediation for multi-building facilities. (Work with architects, government agencies and utilities groups, multi-building facilities.)
What is a Moisture Survey?

A moisture survey is a nondestructive X-ray analysis of your roof or floor system which identifies moisture levels beneath existing physical barriers.

What are the Benefits of a Moisture Survey?

  • Locate leak-causing areas
  • Save you money by eliminating unnecessary repairs
  • Facilitate a preventive maintenance program maximizing your roof life
  • Identify location of wet roof insulation which is causing loss of expensive heating/cooling energy
  • Evaluate a new roof’s water tightness
  • Determine preexisting roof problems for a building you plan to buy or lease
  • Provide documentation for future roof work