Building Integrated Photovoltaic

Sustainable Solutions That Make Fiscal Sense

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system consist of integrating photovoltaic modules into the building envelop, such as the roof or the façade.  By simultaneously serving as building envelope material and power generator, BIPV systems can provide savings cost, reduce use of fossil fuels and emission of ozone depleting gases, and add architectural interest to the building.  Photovoltaic (PV) is a truly elegant means of producing electricity on the site, directly from the sun, without concern for energy supply or environmental harm.  These solid-state devices simply make electricity out of sunlight, silently with no maintenance, no pollution and no depletion of materials.  With a BIPV system generating electricity, an asset is created that helps defray the impact of the capital expense and may also be eligible for state and federal credits.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Turnkey solutions for Roof and PV array installation and maintenance
  • Trained professionals in roof material and PV
  • Locally based installation & maintenance
  • Single warranty for roof and solar
  • Finance Solutions (PPA’s)

About Our Solar Energy Products and Services

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic Options
  • Licensed Contractors with experience – C42, C55, C13, C60
  • Best of Breed Technology capable of providing long term warranty support
  • Professionally engineered design
  • Preserving Roof Warranties through a manufacturer approved applicator
  • Building Integrity – avoid or reduce penetrations
  • Online energy monitoring

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