Sustainable Solutions

CRW is taking the green initiative and helping Hawaii’s commercial and residential clients implement cost effective, environmentally sound ways of reducing energy costs, minimizing their carbon footprint and maximizing real estate valuations. Whether you are looking to incorporate a simple cool roof application or to turn your roof from a liability into an asset – we have the expertise, experience and reliability to partner with you in making that decision.

If you are up for re-roofing – we have the capability to offer both roofing & PV together under ONE WARRANTY.  One point of accountability for your peace of mind.   The benefits are priceless and our current clients have found it to be a no-brainer.   Give us a call or email us and we’ll help you find the right solution for your building(s).

Sustainable Solutions

Going green definitely has its benefits and downfalls if not planned properly by a licensed contractor who is specifically trained in the world of roof repair, maintenance, and PV installation and a comprehensive understanding of how the systems properly and effectively integrate.  A turnkey local service provider is the best bet for doing a PV project, not just one who can refer other companies who can provide their area of expertise especially when financing options and one-stop warranty service is to be optimized.

Solar Powered A/C is one way we have been able to continue to bring cost savings to our customers.  We have partnered up with Greenpath Technologies who has exclusive distribution in the Hawaii & Pacific Rim market for the Climateknologies Solar AC’s.  Learn more about the product and how it can work for your home or small business, mobile offices or portable classrooms.

CRW and its host of valuable partner companies bring together a one stop solution for capitalizing on all aspects of the PV installation including:

  • Roofing
  • Finance (tax credits & subsidies)
  • Technology
  • Asset Valuation
  • Cost Accounting
  • PPAs
  • Expertise in the installation and maintenance of Integrated PV systems