Building Owners & Managers

Budget Planning Support

We work closely with many building owners and property managers and understand the need to prepare budgets in advance for repair and maintenance planning.   We will come out to your property and do a visual inspection of your roof and building to address any current issues and also provide any recommended actions for potential problems that could interfere with the integrity of your roof.  Following the inspection we will prepare a comprehensive Roof Assessment Report that includes an Estimate Cost.

Please call us at 808.841.7246 or fill out a Roof Inspection Request Form and one of our project managers will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Roof Maintenance Plans

We can work with you to create a customized maintenance plan for your facility(s).  All too often we see roof degradation happen prematurely – and the reason why is because of a lack of maintenance.  A roof is a valuable investment in your facility and we highly recommend all of our clients to implement one as it greatly reduces the cost of repairs and/or replacement down the line.

Customized Program Essentials

  • Annual Inspection Report
  • Maintenance Repair
  • Housekeeping
  • Emergency Leak Response
  • Roof Re-hab Leak Free Warranty

Additional Services

  • Building Protection for interior leaks (water catch system, carpet drying, water extraction)
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Extended Roof & Repair Warranty
  • Web base data access
  • CAD drawing
  • Moisture survey
  • Asbestos testing
  • Water testing

Web Based Data Tracking

We offer select clients access to our premier online database for simple tracking of project information as well as a convenient means of retrieving past repairs and/or installations.  Rather than having to carry a paper trail of all past activity for specific properties, you can simply find all property related issues, history and related paperwork neatly hosted in your personalized account.   To find out more, please contact our customer service department by calling 808.841.7246 or via our Web Contact Form