“Sustainable Energy Solutions Start at the Top” by Guy Akasaki, President & CEO
Jun-July 2015  Building Management Hawaii


“What Drains Your Building? Hurricane Season Is The Time to Check Drainage – Drains and Downspouts to Scuppers and Weep Holes.” by Jeff Gowan, Director Repairs & Maintenance Division
June/July 2012 Building Management Hawaii

“The Pitfalls of Re-Roofing:  Getting from Quote to Quality Successfully” by Larry Young, Vice President & Project Managing Estimator
April 2012 Building Management Hawaii

“Rooftop Evolution:  The Convergence of Roofing and Energy Technologies.  Taking A Look At the Possibilities and Contingent Liabilities.” by Guy Akasaki, President & CEO
February/March 2012  Building Management Hawaii

“The Difference Between A Good Roof And A Great Roof Is Knowledge (not cost!)” by John Collins, Project Managing Estimator
October 2011 Building Management Hawaii

“Keys to a Successful Roofing Project” by Richelle Thomason, Director of Business Development & Client Relations
August 2011 Building Management Hawaii

“Photovoltaics 201 – the Low Down” by Guy Akasaki, President & CEO
February 2011 Building Management Hawaii

“Can Going Green Go Wrong?” by Guy Akasaki, President & CEO
February 2010 Building Industry Hawaii