Building Management Hawaii, June-July 2009 “Is There A Miracle Bucket” p.18 By Larry Young

Roofing assemblies and coatings require a comprehensive approach, and should not be confused with the thoughts that roofing repair materials come in a miracle bucket!

Roof maintenance really begins with preventative maintenance, which includes having a broad understanding and knowledge of the plethora of roofing products available, and their chemical makeup.

Only with this understanding, can the roofing professional select and utilize the proper application for roof management, maintenance and preventative maintenance options.

Let me give you a little history.  In the early roofing days, petroleum-based asphalt and a coal-based pitch were the basic waterproofing products for Hawaii’s low slope and various other vertical roofing applications.  The integrated components of asphalt or a pitch roof provided the waterproofing aspects of a built-up roofing assembly, while the components of the felt layer performed as the reinforcement for the assembly.  The final component, the top aggregate (gravel), acted as the weathering surface and also provided ultraviolet protection.

Then came changes due to rising oil prices.

Thermoplastics were generally used for “white” geographic hot zones, and thermosets such as black rubber EPDM single plys helped with “cool” geographic zones.  Their unique chemical makeup has allowed various conditions to weather against things such as animal fats, acid rain and various chemical residuals.

Today, acrylic coating is widely used.  The main component of an acrylic coating is the base plymer which makes up anywhere from 75-80 percent of the coating.  A good quality acrylic coating is expensive due to its product volume; and fillers…(continued on pg. 20)

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