Top Tips From Our Roof Maintenance Division

Jeff Gowan, AKA Chief Joke Master! Heads up our Roof Management & Repair Division here at Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii.  He has seen some of the best to some of the worst when it comes to roof maintenance.  He often advises that many repair calls can actually be prevented with regular maintenance and precautions taken.

Example 1:  A flooded rooftop was seeping water down due to intended water exit points on the rooftop being closed off (perhaps by in-house facilities maintenance that was unawares of the purpose) that should have been left open.

Example 2: Water was not able to drain as normal due to a crumpled downspout at the exit point from a vehicle that must have smashed it.  Combined with foliage that got collected in the downspout in pouring rains and a closed exit point, excess water was building up on a roofing system that was not intended to hold the weight nor water mass and thus leaked down into various points in the building.

Jeff collected some of the TOP TIPS he identified as good reminders for regular maintenance to pass along to your facilities maintenance staff to keep them “aware” of small things that can be done on a regular basis or for emergency preparedness seasons of heavy rains etc.  As always, we welcome other suggestions or stories!

Download your own copy here.

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