Project Case Study: 1450 Young Street

AOAO 1450 Young Street  |  What Goes Up Must Come Down

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This condominium located in Makiki, is a 28 story high-rise located on a high traffic roadway in Honolulu.  With 28 floors and 247 units, the logistics of removing and installing a NEW roof on this building was a challenge in the least.  This was a cap sheet and insulation project that required a 3-4 day tear off and 1 day loading. The foreman on the job was Alan Nemoto running a 7-man crew.

CRW worked with the team at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. to develop the project specifications for this building.  ACL Group, LLC was the construction consultant on the project working on behalf of the owners to help ensure minimal impact to the owners.  Both  worked directly with the board to communicate the extensive set up, staging and logistics in a way that would have the least amount of impact on the residents and passerby’s. All stages of the project were addressed to ensure security, safety and efficiency for the best solution as far as staging, preparation and execution of the tear off and removal of the EXISTING roof as well as the transportation, installation and staging of the NEW roofing materials.

A scaffolding bridge was set up on the side of the property as it was the least frequented area in order to keep down the liability as well as being the least windy side of the building.  The scaffolding blended nicely into the foliage on property keeping the temporary set up as minimal of an eye-sore as possible for the local residents.  What made this scaffolding set up unique – was that the height of the scaffolding was perfect for the off-loading of existing roofing material that had to get torn off and the for LOADING of the NEW roofing materials from the delivery flatbed to the staging area to get hoisted up to the top of the roof.


positioning and staging of the scaffolding for loading and unloading of materials

Easy access to unloading the materials that get removed from the rooftop for disposal

scaffolding set up along the street side and building

scaffolding set up overhead for passerby's

RSI delivery to the job site, was easily loaded up to the scaffolding, then hoisted up to the rooftop

the FAR building in the background is AOAO 1450 Young Street

500 lb. pallets were individually hoisted up 28 stories on the exterior of the building...

A 4-man crew on the ground loaded and monitored each pallet

Each pallet had to be staged, positioned, and monitored all the way up

While the load stays constant, the winds can shift at any moment... that monitor is important!

Halfway up!

Almost there - but all eyes remain on the load being hoisted... winds create capillary action that can catch the pallet unexpectedly

wind blowing slightly left..

With loading scenarios like this - its so important that the Board communicates clearly to the owners, the importance of closing their windows so that the load doesn't accidentally catch a window corner in loading...

Made it!

The harness coming back down the hoist, is another process that requires watchful monitoring so that the wind doesn't catch and snap the cord and metal clamps against a window..

The lineup of materials to be loaded.

Fun fact: the little hoist at the top has an 1800 lb. counterweight to sustain the upcoming loads

Ground crew loading up the next pallet of materials to go up

New Load coming up!


Simultaneously, from the rooftop, another 3 man team was operating the hoist and staging the materials up on the rooftop. It was apparent that the winds could change at any given time and ensuring that the pallet was secured and managed from below was imperative. The communication between the two teams was seamless and the process of hoisting up the 500lb. pallets was teamwork in action. A total of 19 pallets had to be hoisted up safely and securely.

View from the top of the roof

One man operates the hoist, two men handles the loads that deliver to the rooftop

There she goes! On its way up..



Almost there... notice how close to the building and windows the pallets can lean into - even with one man monitoring the load

Almost to the top! Notice that open window at an angle...

500 lb pallet almost to the top

Hoisted all the way up to the top!

Almost there!

swing to the right and drop down for unharnessing and positioning

Watch the video!

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