Hawaii Buildings Facilities & Property Management Expo 2012

Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii Inc. is proud to be a co-sponsor of the 2012 Hawaii, Buildings, Facilities & Property Management Expo for the second year in a row.   As experts in our field for all types of roofing systems for all types of buildings and facilities, we’ll be there to discuss with you some possible strategies to help lower the overhead costs for your buildings or assess the current needs an goals for your facilities.  As the roof has evolved into a platform for hosting solar electric PV systems, so the integration of the roofing system and renewable energy system has become crucial with regards to watertight installations, systems warranties and contingent liabilities.  March 7 & 8th – mark your calendars!

Meet us at the booth or come check out our seminars.  Roofing technologies and the integration into the entire building envelope is key to upholding sustainable and energy efficient roofing systems.  We had a blast last year and we’re looking forward to seeing your familiar faces and also meeting new ones! We’ll be at the same place in the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall at Booth #547. You know we’re bringing the ever popular blackjack table back – bring your voucher to our booth for your chance to win!

Be sure to check our seminar schedule.  Print out your flyer here.  The first seminar “Solar Tax Credits End in 2016. What could happen next?” will be held on Wednesday march 7th, 9am – 10am.  The second seminar “The Pitfalls of Re-Roofing: Getting from Quote to Quality Successfully” will be held on Thursday March 8th at 10:30am – 11:30am.  Register for your seminars here.

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