Building Industry’s “Top Ten Roofers” 2013 – CRW #2!

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Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii, Inc.

CEO/President: Guy Akasaki
Specialty: Roofing (low slope, architectural metals, steep slope), coatings (above/below grade waterproofing, roof maintenance and management), Photovoltaics (building integrated and applied PVs, engineering and sizing for usage and providing approaches for renewable energy tax credits), turnkey (roofing/PV installations under one warranty).
Hawaii state license: BC-18179

We continue to be passionate in executing our mission statement: Working together as a unified team of professionals utilizing our experience and talent, to be on the cutting edge of construction technology, exceeding client expectations … with a passion,” says Guy Akasaki, CEO and president of Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc. (CRW).

Adhering to its goals helped CRW retain the No. 2 spot in the ratings as it reports $16.5 million in revenues for 2012. That figure tops last year’s record $16 million for CRW, which was a $6.5 million jump from its 2010 revenue.

“With the spectra of the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ looking forward into 2013, while we like many others are concerned, we have a cautious optimism,” Akasaki says. “With our strategic moves to diversify into Pacific Rim initiatives over the past years, and we hope to diversify our risk in the tumultuous economy.

“Success is a process and not a destination, and as such, in the time of feast we have done what we can to prepare for the economic drought.”

He adds that “the local economy appears to be showing signs of movement.”
CRW’s roofing and solar installation projects in 2012 ranged from the highly technical Unicode structures to various retail and commercial clients such as Walmart, Safeway, Kmart, the Royal Hawaiian Center, the Sheraton Kauai Resort, the Newtown Bus Park, Continental Airlines and more. It’s also done residential projects, including 13 buildings at Mililani Garden II, 22 buildings at Kahala View Estates, Marina Palms, Honolulu Towers, Harbor Court, Lakeview Garden and Alii Place.

CRW’s work at Unicold, a cold storage facility, stands out for its unique challenges, Akasaki says.

“Unicold was a ‘green’ project executed in a partnership with Greenpath Technologies Inc.,” he says. “The two entities worked together to develop and install a PV system in unison with a new cool roof system and a long-term power purchase agreement, providing an efficient turnkey energy solution for Unicold’s needs and lowering its utility and operating costs.”

Other milestones for CRW in 2012 included moving into a new home in West Oahu, utilizing Internet-based apps, providing roof assemblies pre-positioned for solar arrays and launching a commercial gutter installation service.









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