Web Based CRW Client Portal

We will offer a complimentary online project management portal to key client accounts.  This online portal allows for streamlined communication as well as a convenient way to access and track ongoing project history for documentation and archiving.

  • Project tracking
  • Maintenance history
  • Instant access to stored data from any location
  • Electronic document storage
  • Correspondence
  • Seamless communication with your project manager

This seamless web-based system saves time and supports our ongoing initiatives to “going green!”

Client Testimonials on using their CRW Client Portal:

“We have been utilizing our online client portal to maintain/store information on our completed projects.  Tracking work order paperwork and searching for project information was very time consuming.  Being able to keep track of our past work and ensuring that maintenance and repairs are performed in a timely manner to uphold our roof warranties are crucial.  Our CRW online account portal really makes our life easier.  Commercial Roofing really goes above and beyond the typical “roofer” — they truly are looking for ways to “exceed client expectations!”

“This client portal is  powerful tool for us.  It really allows us to monitor, document and organize all the work that is done on our projects.  Documentation is so crucial especially in our field of property management.  We are continually discovering new ways to utilize the online software to increase our efficiency and communication internally and this allows everyone to see the status of projects to seamlessly support ongoing or upcoming projects.”

“Our online portal has streamlined much of our processes and made things so much easier.  I am able to quickly and easily find supporting data and progress to get a quick status update.  I can see the changes on a day by day basis and I can do it on my own schedule!”