Types of PV Assemblies

Types of PV Assemblies

  • BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)
  • Lumeta PowerPly Peel N Stick
  • SolarEZ Roof Membrane
  • PV Laminate on SSM
  • PV Laminate A + Si
  • Solar Roof Tiles
  • SolarSave™

Low-Slope Roof / Flat Roof

A new and pioneering solar solution for low slope or flat roof environments is the SolarSave™ solar panel developed and manufactured by Open Energy Corporation (OEC)

The SolarSave™ product is designed for re-roofing or new construction projects where the building needs a new roofing system.  This scenario is necessary as the SRS solar panel is fused to a single-ply roof membrane which is then hot-air welded to the new OEC approved single-ply roofing system.  The result is an integrated solar/roofing solution that turns a typical roof top liability into an energy producing asset.

Model: SP 450 Solar Panel
Power Output
Open Circuit Voltage
Solar Cells
Bypass Diodes

450 watts DC
160 SunPower A-300 Monocrystalline cells
10 Integrated bypass diodes
2.5 lbs/sq ft
20 years
4′ x 8′ (power producing area)
5′ x 9′ (area with 6″ membrane perimeter)