Photovoltaic Installations

With the foundation of our business solidified in roofing and waterproofing, we understand the very basics to the very complex components of a roofing assembly system.  As the realm of renewable energy began to emerge (ROOFTOP EVOLUTION:  The convergence of roofing and energy technologies, by Guy Akasaki – Building Management Hawaii Feb/Mar 2012 issue read article) we naturally progressed into building integrated photovoltaics — suddenly taking the roof from a liability to an income producing asset.   While the credits and incentives are generous and and accelerated depreciation make the opportunity to “go green” an attractive offer, we continue to educate our clients on both the benefits of PV as well as the drawbacks that can come with less than professional installation.   A solar array requires penetrations to the roof.  Along with any penetration comes the risk of leaks and/or potential voiding of the warranty due to incorrect installation.  Also, most PV systems are warranted for 20-25 years.  You would not want to install a brand new PV system atop a roof that will be up for re-roofing in the near future and incur the additional cost of removal and reinstallation of the system – thus matching the life of your roof as close to the life of your PV system is ideal.  There are an array of roof top solutions that will deliver the most benefit to your building by addressing all related facets – possible energy savings, financial feasibility, existing roof condition, and hedging against potential litigation related to roof integrated energy solutions.

Sound Roofing Assembly Platforms for Photovoltaic Systems

Commercial Roofing has developed great working relationships with Hawaii’s leading solar energy contractors having been able to provide a sound roofing platform capable of sustaining a photovoltaic system.  As a recognized leader in a vast array of tested and proven roofing assemblies, installations and products and the integration thereof, we continue to ensure building owners and homeowners that their roof will continue to uphold the watertight function of their roof for long-term sustainability as well as meeting manufacturers’ requirements for warranty provisions.

One-Stop Warranty for Roofing & PV

CRW has also established a strong working relationship with Hawaii’s leading renewable energy solutions provider thus allowing us to offer a One-Stop Blanket Warranty that covers both the PV array and the roofing system.   As the convergence of roofing and energy technologies were progressing years ago – we identified an up and coming opportunity to deliver a turnkey solution to our clients that would keep their best interests in mind while offering peace of mind through one point of accountability for both roofing & PV.   Offering a holistic approach to the integration of renewable energy into the roofing assembly has been a successful approach we spearheaded in our commitment to exceeding our client expectations!

A few of our turnkey Roofing & PV installations include:

  • Hawaii National Bank
  • J.Walter Cameron Center
  • Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i
  • Carrier Hawaii
  • Lana’i County Baseyard
  • Kaua’i Botanical Gardens

If you are considering PV for your building(s), give us a call or email us and we’ll help you find out what the condition of your existing roof is and a sound recommendation for simply roofing or a turnkey roofing & PV installation.

Looking for PV Solutions for your commercial or residential buildings?  Consider the following:

  • What type of roofing assembly are you looking to install upon?
  • How old is your existing roof?
  • What utility will your roof require?
  • Maintenance responsibilities for roofing (and PV)?

The installation of photovoltaic systems for your buildings is a smart move for many reasons that go beyond a lower utility bill, supporting Hawaii’s transition towards energy independence.  No two roofs are alike and our team of professionals are here to assist you to make a best.

The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) published a special report on why installing rooftop photovoltaic systems by a professional roofing contractor is highly recommended.
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