LEAK ALERT! What Can You Do?

EEK- A-LEAK!!!   As we encounter roof leaks during the rainey season or as storms hit our islands, there are “temporary remedies” that can be done.. Once the rains subside, then we are able to perform actual roof repair work.   Below are some drawings to help assess the best mode of redirecting water leaks until your scheduled roof repair.

“Taking some precautionary action to re-route internal leaks will allow the water to drain out safely and will prevent the water from pooling. You will minimize your drywall damage, and it will also reduce the chances of your ceiling caving in.” Full Article can be found here and illustrated tips below.

leaking roof trick

leaking roof trick

SCENARIO:  Leak coming down from a ceiling tile (near center of room/space).

Materials: pencil, string, bucket, tarp (optional)

Step 1:  push pencil thru the ceiling tile till only string is hanging from ceiling into the bucket

Step 2: weight tied to the bottom of the string into the center of the bucket

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.39.43 PM

SCENARIO: Leak coming down from a ceiling tile, bulging from leak (near wall of a room/space).

Materials: bucket, painters tarp, something sharp, blue tape

Step 1: Poke a hole into ceiling to prevent ceiling tile bulging

Step 2: Blue tape the painters plastic against the wall

Step 3: Run the plastic into the bucket

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.39.55 PM


Let us know if you need our assistance during the storm period to set-up temporary remedies; there is a nominal fee.  Contact our CRW DIRECT Maintenance & Repairs Division:

Phone: (808) 748-8423

email: service@commercialroofinginc.com

Mahalo for considering us a resource!

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