Commercial Roofing Mission Statement

“To dedicate ourselves as a unified team of professionals, utilizing our knowledge and experience to be on the forefront of innovative construction technology; to exceed client expectations.”

…is reflected in our communication with our clientele whether in government or private sector work. We also know problems and obstacles will arise in the process of executing projects and that not all projects will go 100% smooth. We see through the challenges to the satisfaction of the procurement activity. We have “on call” numbers to key members of our management team to re mediate emergencies that occur off hours or weekends. This is instituted in line with our mission statement.

In conjunction with our mission statement, Commercial Roofing is taking on a new look and feel to capture our corporate capabilities.  Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii Inc is taking its strength and experiences of time tested performance and is dovetailing “real life” turnkey solutions with the convergence of finances, real estate valuation enhancement, contracting and energy, and emerging itself in a progressive logo that truly expresses its commitment to its core values of almost two decades: Integrity, Innovation, Accountability and a Passion to exceed client expectations!